I Drive Thee

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David-Jeremiah is a conceptual, multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Dallas, Texas. This publication complements the artist’s first institutional show outside of his home state, and doubles as his first publication. The exhibition represents an overview and conclusion to the artist’s cycle of large, circular reliefs, or tondos, collectively titled I Drive Thee. Each Tondo, rendered in enamel and rope on wood panel, is inspired by the steering wheel of a Lamborghini. For years, the Italian sports car brand has been David-Jeremiah’s muse, as much for its muscular design as for its mythology, which is steeped in the tradition of Spanish bullfighting. Most Lamborghini models are named after famous fighting bulls and the company’s logo shows the animal charging. For the artist, both the car and the bullfight reflect his experience of Black masculinity in America, the first as a symbol of prestige and performance, the second as a spectacle of power and persecution.

This 32-page, soft-cover publication includes a text by the artist building upon these same themes. It also features a text by the curator of the exhibition, Robert Weisenberger, providing additional context for and analysis of the artist’s work.

Exhibition Schedule:
Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA
(February 10, 2024- January 26, 2025)