Lin May Saeed: Arrival of the Animals

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Lin May Saeed: Arrival of the Animals

Robert Wiesenberger, with contributions by Mel Y. Chen, Birgit Mütherich, and Lin May Saeed

For the past fifteen years, Lin May Saeed (b. 1973, Germany) has focused on the lives of animals and human-animal relations. With empathy and wit, she tells stories, both ancient and modern, of animal subjugation, liberation, and cohabitation with humans, working toward a new iconography of interspecies solidarity. On the occasion of her first museum solo exhibition, this catalogue illustrates Saeed’s drawings, paintings, and sculptures in materials such as paper, steel, and polystyrene foam. It includes two interpretive essays on the artist, Saeed’s own writings, and a previously untranslated text on animality and otherness.

Robert Wiesenberger is associate curator of contemporary projects at the Clark Art Institute

144 pages 7 ½ x 10 in.
70 color illustrations
Published by the Clark Art Institute and distributed by Yale University Press, New Haven and London
ISBN 9720300250862